Junisse Review : For Cellular Development Of The Dull, Wrinkled Skin

JunisseIt is not easy to live with wrinkles and being a woman, folds and creases on face is just another boon of old, ripe age. But with suitable solutions, help can be sought for removing the damage. Junisse promises rejuvenating results for the skin affected with wrinkles and aging problems. Find out if it’s really effective here:


This topical solution promises to alleviate the signs of the aging like skin folds and creases, expression lines, lack of moisture and dullness etc. It helps in maintaining skin surface smoothness and renews the dead skin.

What happens with aging?

With aging, bones become fragile, skin becomes dull and wrinkly and hair begins to fall. These actions are initiated by the slowed renewal process as body cells become weak with age. Similar deterioration occurs in skin cells where the dermal matrix slowly succumbs to free radical damage and begins losing collagen-elastin. Due to these changes, skin becomes loose and develops folds that look like wrinkly creases.

Junisse Ingredients

The official website mentions Lipopard, Argireline, Trylagen PCB, Glucare S and Pentavin as the main ingredients.

How does it work?

  • Lipopard also known as Tocopherols Acetate and Squalene acts as a scavenger for the free radicals present in the skin and helps in aiding skin from lipid peroxidation.
  • GluCare® S (Sodium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan) helps in revitalization of skin and improvement of skin natural repair processes. It also helps in reducing skin sensitivity and since it is easily soluble, it doesn’t make skin greasy and penetrates fast inside. It also enhances cellular energy development to develop the skin’s resistance for oxidative stress.
  • Pentavin keeps the moisture in the skin intact by preventing its’ loss by attracting moisture and locking it in the skin through easy penetration.
  • Argireline lowers expression wrinkles by smoothing folds caused by facial muscles’ movement and enhances skin appearance by lowering the fine lines.
  • Trylagen PCB rejuvenates collagen synthesis and smoothes the wrinkles.

How to use Junisse?

The solution is for everyday use as a moisturizer, every morning and evening. First of all, users should clean up the skin with a suitable face wash or cleanser. Once taking all makeup up and completing the cleansing routine, users should apply the solution gently all over the face but not too near by the eyes.

It can be repeated if the skin gets too dry during the day.

Does Junisse really work?

Women who have used it have stated in their real testimonial records that they found the results beneficial and were amazed how well it brought moisture back. They also added that it relieved their skin of dullness and cleaned all age spots.

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Is there any skin type problem?

Although the product doesn’t make it clear which skin type it is best suited for but women with thick, sensitive or acne prone skin should always try a patch test to check how well the solution is penetrating and if it’s causing any sort of epidermal reaction.

Junisse Pros

  • ABD (dermatologist) recommended
  • Fast absorbing, long staying power
  • Easy to use
  • Clinically proven
  • Tested ingredients (suitable and safe ingredients that are also potent)
  • It really works and gives results as per user’s real testimonials


  • Ingredients quantity is not listed
  • Hard to find product, only available online

Is it recommended?

Yes, Junisse is recommended as it gives real results and doesn’t cause any abrasion or side effects on the outer layer or internally.

The product is an advanced level skin care product with ingredients that are proven and tested for delivering anti-aging results. Although, budget may be an issue but the product is definitely worth a try due to its amazing rejuvenating and moisturizing ability.

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